Delegation of a real estate project came to visit PANELTEK CHINA
Release date:2018-12-19 13:33:54

Recently, a delegation of a real estate project came to visit PANELTEK CHINA. Mr. Xia, Chairman of PANELTEK CHINA, offered a warm reception.

Previously, the terracotta panels (terracotta wall cladding panels) were mainly used in some large commercial and public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, commercial office buildings, corporate office buildings, etc. With the popularization of products, the terracotta panels (terracotta wall cladding panels) are more and more considered to be used in different type buildings as their exterior wall materials, especially among the residential buildings is the fastest. 

PANELTEK CHINA has completed the supply of several real estate projects and cooperated with well-known domestic real estate companies. Real estate projects have become an important part of sales of PANELTEK CHINA.

Mr. Xia introduced the history of PNELTEK CHINA and the characteristics of ita terracotta products.

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