Ceramic Rainscreen /Wall Cladding
Panetek Terracotta panels are availble in many different colors, textures and Sizes. Including Sanded Surface, Glazed Surface, Grooved Surface, Polished Surface, Lined Surface etc..
innovation terracotta facade system
Their production technologies makes Paneltek be able to meet most innovation ideas of building envelope designers and architecturers.
Ceramic Sunscreen /Building Decoration
Terracotta Baguette (Terracotta Louvers) can be applied in many different ways. They can be used as the building facade alone, and also be used combining with Glass facade, Aluminium facade, Stone facade and Terracotta Panels facade etc..
external wall cladding/tiles
The perfect mix and match with galss and ceramic panels,create a harmonious sense of the landscape and space,interpret the marvelous blend of nature and space.
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