Product Size
High-quality products from the intent of every detail, each of our products contain our enthusiasm and professional, we focus on the details of the product's scrutiny, more focused on innovative technology.
Ceramic plate size (size) units:mm
Heterosexual pottery specifications, color can be customized according to customer requirements
Pottery (cubic pottery) (8mm for the thickness) units:mm
length range is:300~1500
50×50,50×100,50×150,50×200,60×60,60×60,60×100,60×150,70×70,70×100,80×80,80×100,80×160,80×200,90×90,90×120,100×200… … Round:
Φ50,Φ60,Φ70,Φ80… …
Fuselage、Prism、Quadrilateral、Oval、Triangle… …
Pottery units:mm
200×100×50,230×115×40,230×50×20,300×150×50… …
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