Product advantages
01  Elite of Extruded Panel Technology Revolution
The panels are the only ventilated façade piece that can combine the advantages of extruded terracotta panels and pressed porcelain panels. We strongly promote Ecology and sustainable development in all our prodection procedures.
02  Excellence Production Technology
The hollow body design enable the panel to reduce its own weight and the added weight to the façade and fixing system,it has certain function for insulation,energy-saving,will help improve the economic effect and comfort buildings.
03  Provide an endless options for Architects’innovation and creativity
The panel has wide variety range, and long lasting color.We strictly control the color difference and also motivated to develop more shapes and color in order to achieve the authentic yet close to reality feelings from the architects.
04  Extremely low water absorption,outstanding performance
The panels water absorption is much lower than the similar products,provide safer guarantee to the buildings with higher breaking modules,resistant to pollution and corrosion,high wind speed pressure and other properties such as frost resistance.
05  Simple but reliable installation with DIT European certify
The special joint design offers an easy and efficient installation method,the FVI Superplus system of Frontek , Paneltek can stand wind suction until 404km/H.(Certified by European DIT)
06  Natural Materica with High Temperature Firing
The panels use high quality materical with much higher temperature firing than other similar products ,it has slight color difference as full-body material. No radioactivity and light-pollution nor explosion when it applied on the buildings.
07  Easy maintenance
Lower chance of static electricity,dust attached to the buildings.Low maintenance cost as the galss curtain wall.
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